Journal 5.22

I have to admit I haven’t been writing lately, this is fault of my own. I’ve been bored lately and my boredom has lead me to be lazy. Even lazier than before. But I’m getting back into the swing of things and enjoying seeing some old friends which I haven’t talked to in a while. I’ve also been enjoying messing with the Seventh.

The Blood Knights are always good entertainment.

I’ve also found a guild I am interested in joining, though I worry about how I would fit in with the group that is…well, there aren’t many of my kind there. It’s a bit..nerve wracking. I’ve always been awkward at talking to other races, and most trolls have accents I can barely understand. It’s hard enough having Orcish as a third language, but damnit! Can’t they speak like everyone else? Argh.

They seem like a good group of people, though. They work toward peace between Horde and Alliance, which is something I can get behind very easily, considering my work with the Argent Dawn, Shattersun Offensive, The Aldor, the Naaru and of course, the Argent Crusade, this should be very easy for me to get in to. I’m still nervous as all hell, though. I don’t remember that last time I talked to an Orc that wasn’t Brux or Torky and don’t get me started on Tauren! I am always afraid my leatherworking and love of a cold glass of milk will offend them! Hopefully I have another chance to talk to them this week, I would love to know more and maybe even convince Varendil to come along. I doubt he will, as he isn’t one to sit around and tell stories, but he’s not doing anything right now but working on the shop and making gold selling materials. He’s been dealing with a few…shady people from what I’ve seen. I do pray he doesn’t get himself into a spot of trouble. Light knows what I would do if he got himself hurt!

Just thinking about it makes me sick.

In other family related news, Saelar and Varendil seem to be getting along a little bit better now, which is a weight off my shoulder. I would love to have a little more family in my life, since all I have left is Varendil.

I miss Sal.


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