After the druid and and the shaman said their blessings to what they call the Earthmother, Lanuria broke away from the group to visit the spot she had planted a small acorn into the soft, dark earth of Ashenvale. She didn’t expect the acorn, taken from the ground from under one of the golden beauties that covered Quel’thalas, to actually grow, but she figured she would try. This event was all about turning a lumber yard into a forest again, wasn’t it? To protect the balance of a person’s needs to what the earth would need to survive and flourish?

Lanuria really didn’t know much about the spiritual side of this event, though the orcs and trolls and tauren around her seemed to care deeply about the earth, the trees and everything around here. It was still so foreign to her and was sure it would lost on her, but she went along anyways in hopes it would bring her closer to the guild she longed to know better.

When Lanuria reached the spot where she had buried her acorn, she noticed that the solid dirt that she had packed on top of the seed was cracking, a small green vine sprouting up from the ground. She glanced over her shoulder to the group she had left behind and back to the flowering sprout, growing before her eyes. Her mouth gaped a bit as the sprout blossomed into a golden orange flower before stopping its growth suddenly.

Lanuria took a few steps back from what she thought was obviously a hallucination, rubbing her eyes at the small flower that swayed slightly with the breeze.

“By the…”

She knelled down, peering at the plant. “It can’t…that stuff doesn’t…” She rubbed her eyes again and the plant swayed once more. The ranger, obviously dumbfounded by the fact she had seen a plant grow before her very eyes just sat there for a few minutes, letting her mind absorb what she had seen, a magic her people could not control, a magic her people were basically clueless about.

A magic that she was in awe of.


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