((Can’t Rightly Think of a Title.))

“Varendil, I’m going for a stroll around the city.”

“That’s nice, dear.”

“Would you like to come? Maybe we could meet a few new people, see some old friends…”

“I really need to finish sorting these crystals, sweetie. But thanks.”

“Hey, guess what?”


“Lila is going to throw Reanai in the fountain this evening. You want to come and watch?”

“Not tonight. I really want to finish this chapter. Do laugh at him for me, yes?”


“What’s up?”

“Do you want to come with me to the orphanage in Shattrath? A told a little elven boy all the stories of you and he would love to meet you.”

“I really can’t tonight. I have to send these dusts out and head to the auction house.”

“Oh, well, I told him you’d come by soon.”

“Sure, soon.”


“Yes, Lan?”

“My friends in the Circle would really love to meet you. I’ve talked so much of our relationship, they would love to meet my husband.”

“Not tonight, sweets. I have some business to do. That hog of yours doesn’t run on air and sunshine, you know.”

Varendil leaned down to peck his wife on the forehead as he grabbed up the large bag that held his enchanting materials and slung it over his shoulder, straining at the weight.

“Don’t go smoking that pipe of theirs,” Varendil said as he opened the door of the apartment, “I hate it when you come home not smelling like you.” He winked at his wife before the door shut behind him, leaving Lanuria standing in the middle of their apartment.

She hung her head dejectedly, balling her hands into fists as she bit her lip and her tongue. She wanted to call after him, pull him back into the apartment and throw his enchanting materials in the trash. She wanted to take him away from the auction house he had made his second home and bring him to a party, a celebration, anything with someone other than her there. She wanted desperately, more than anything, to hear her husband say that he was going out the the guys tonight and that she wouldn’t wait up for him. She would give anything to have her husband come home and tell her about all the fun adventures he had with his friends that day. About all the laughs, about all the jokes.

But she knew that wouldn’t happen. She clenched her fists fighter.

She would kill to have him happily come along to a function of her and her circle’s. She would murder in cold blood to see her husband discuss the politics of their mission and to do it civilly. But Lanuria knew that was wasn’t her husband. Varendil didn’t want to be around people. Varendil didn’t like people. Varendil didn’t need people to make him happy. Varendil had Lanuria and that was all he needed, all he wanted.


Lanuria spoke to the door, biting her lip as she tried to fight back tears.

He never talked of his past, his childhood antics. He never spoke of childhood friends, of adventures, of those life changing moments when he was young. It was almost as if Varendil had been an old man all his life. She knew that wasn’t true, obviously, but Varendil had no friends, no buddies minus his wife and she knew it was a war torn world and that stepping up and talking of peace would get her in trouble eventually. She knew…

“What are you going to do if I pass from this world before you?”

She took a few steps back, fell into a chair and dropped her head into her hands, crying softly into the empty room.


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