Real World: Madison

So, things still aren’t looking good on the apartment front. We don’t have a place, we don’t have any roomies and I don’t even know if we have any interested in letting us crash with them until we get on our feet. School for Taylor starts in September and we obviously need a place by then unless we stay in Monroe, but transportation becomes an issue because Madison is an hour away and Taylor is starting his last semester and can’t pick and chose his classes to make them all fall on one or two days.

I really hope the search for an apartment looks up soon. It’s almost July.

In other real life related news, I am fifteen pounds away from my goal of 150! I still can’t believe I’ve managed to drop almost forty pounds in nine months! I guess that’s pretty good, right? Right?

This was me right before I found out I was diabetic:


And this is me now:

I have no ass so pants just look stupid on me.

Picture taken by Tara Gershman, best photographer evar. May her website get views now!

I’m still so amazed with how far I’ve come since September last year.

I also tried on my mother’s wedding dress a few days ago. Nearly cried about it! I can’t believe my mom used to be smaller than I was when she was my age. Now she’s really overweight and working on losing the pounds through Weight Watchers (Which is a really awesome program and they make some really yummy food!) I really hope she does because she’s diabetic like I am and her health suffers a lot because of her weight. She’s down a few pounds, thankfully, but she never sticks to her diets for very long. Here’s hopin’, eh?

On the Role Play front, things are okay. It’s slow, pre-expansion blues, easy raiding and no desire for me to do it. Taylor and I were planning on starting up a guild we would call The Dawnblade Irregulars, but our IRL friends went to some new guild that formed on the server. Needless to say, Taylor was pretty upset about the whole ordeal. I’m hoping that by Cata, we’ll have our little guild and some more RP as well.

The Roleplayer’s Lament was taken over my drama and butthurt as well, last night we reached over 3k page views in one day! Apparently, faking your own death is SRS BUSINESS ON THE INTERNETS. A lot of people are still mad at the blog and Taylor and I for running it and yes, I was getting upset about all the hate that was being directed at us. But I’m hoping that over time, our blog becomes a place where people can get a few laughs and go “Oh, that’s why RPing something like this would be bad. I see now, Thanks Lan and Varen! /cheesy grin” which I know won’t happen for a while, but it’s still nice to imagine. One thing that does bug me is that Moon Guard is such a high pop server and so many roleplayers are there…and people think they can get away with making such awful, lore breaking characters. A few days ago I saw a Draenei/Blood Elf and she said her character was okay because “it’s not as bad as other lore bendy characters”


I love MG more than I’ve loved any other server. It’s lead me to wonderful friends and an incredible future with the most amazing man in the world. I love role playing, I love the story that comes from Lan and Varen walking around, trying to sell things to people. I love Lanuria explaining how different in game shots work. (Silencing Shot is by far my favorite concept ever.) And I love seeing amazing characters. I just get so upset when I hear someone say “Lol it’s moon guard, no one cares about lore here lololol” RAEG. LAN SMASH. Hopefully the next post on TRPL (‘Triple’) can cover that feeling.

But that’s about it for now. Servers are down and the blog is still getting a million page views. Better get to work on the next post!


2 Responses to “Real World: Madison”

  1. 1 tara July 8, 2010 at 3:34 am

    yay for linking me! ❤

  2. 2 typhron July 19, 2010 at 11:34 pm


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