Journal 11.14

We are going to be fighting again, I can feel it. I can feel it rumble beneath my feet, I can feel it shake our apartment.

Something is brewing. But what?

Varendil thinks the world is going to break apart and the evidence points to that. Thrall leaving for Outland. Elementals invading. People disappearing. Aestiah has gone missing, along with her brother. I do hope her daughter is okay, I haven’t seen her either. She’s a strong woman, I know she didn’t join that cult, but still, I worry.

Light, a few nights ago, I fought along side Scourge to defeat some elementals that tried to attack an Argent camp in Zul’Drak. Along side Scourge! I, of course, killed the ghouls after I was done defending the camp, but it still doesn’t make the shock any less. Even the mindless zombies of Northrend fear these things.

Varendil moved our savings to a Scryer’s bank a few nights ago, since Outland is a little safer that Azeroth is at the moment. I don’t know if Varendil remembered I am a member of the Aldor, hopefully my kin will allow me to withdraw from our savings. Our gold is there, our family heirlooms, the tabard of Lissa, the journals of Sal, all the important things we don’t want to loose when this world does break apart.

I don’t know what’s going to happen. For a while, things were going to well. Varendil and I had our little apartment, I had my work with the new buildings in the Plaguelands and all the paperwork that goes along with it. Varendil looked so happy and content just staying in Silvermoon but I wasn’t as happy. Being a housewife isn’t my dream job and it never was, no matter how much I lie to myself. I’ve fought for so many years, I can’t just hang up my quiver and bow that easily. Light, I even took up the job of training Torky in the ways of the Ranger and the Scout just to pass the time. Do you know how hard it is to teach an orcish boy the grace and elegance of the Sin’dorei?

Something big is going to happen soon, we can feel it when the earth shakes and seizes beneath our feet. I’m ready to pick up my bow and quiver to defend my family, Varendil, Saelar, Brux, Torky and my friends, where ever they may be.

Be safe my friends, come home to us soon.



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