Lanuria (Rivenblaze) Dawnblade. Ranger Captain of The Argent and Silvermoon City, wife, step mother and recovering alcoholic. These are her stories.

A Glimpse into Her Past – A short story to Introduce Lanuria Rivenblaze, near the begining of her adventures (Before she reached Outland.)

Outland Stories (Pre- Moon Guard, Darkspear [pvp server])

Northrend Stories. (Moon Guard [rp server] )

Death of a Blaze – The burial of Saluthiel Rivenblaze.

Confessional – A newly married Lanuria expresses her concerns at the Argent Tournament.

Bronze -Where Lanuria tries to convince a member of the Bronze Dragonflight to do something he never would.

Wishing Well -A story of three coins and the wishes made on them.

Dance – When work prevents Lanuria from attending a ball, she dressed up regardless.

Vial – Where Lanuria breaks Varendil’s trust and her own heart.

Nightmares – Before Lan admitted to her husband of the switch of potions, Lanuria cuts her hair off in a fit of rage. A few nights later, a voice echos in her dreams.

Day of the Dead – With the Day of the Dead being celebrated, Lanuria tries to talk to her brother.

Broken – Where Lanuria gets an injury that Varendil can’t heal.


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